Waterwolf Electric Surfboard

Unlike similar products, the Waterwolf MXP-3 isn’t simply an electric-power-assisted wave surfboard, but rather it untethers riders from wave and wind conditions, enabling them to “make [their] own wave.” This sport is best described as electric moto-surfing. Powered by a 5 kW, water-cooled motor driving a propeller in back, the 20 Ah lithium-ion battery is good for 20 to 25 minutes of surf time at speeds up to 21mph. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“The moto-surfer controls the MXP-3’s output and speed via a Bluetooth handheld throttle, referring to the top-mounted LCD screen for speed and battery information. As a safety precaution, the board has a magnetic emergency kill switch that’s activated at the pull of the wrist leash. Should the rider fall off, the tug of the strap pulls the magnetic connector out, cutting power immediately,” according to Gizmag.