Claire Manganiello is an art director who loves pizza, and what better way to show her obsession than with a themed bed? Introducing Pizza Bed, a bed with pepperoni and cheese sheets, along with perfectly baked crust pillows. We may sleep in them everyday, but that is just one of the many beds that will definitely catch your eye, even in a normally drab furniture store / department. Continue reading for more.

5. Snurk Firefighter Bed

With Independence Day coming up in the US, it’s not unusual to see people paying tribute to these brave flame firefighters, and now there’s a new way: with a cool set of bedding from Snurk. It features a dramatic photographic print of a firefighter with the pillow case showing the hat to top it off. The material is top notch too, as you’ll find 100% high quality soft cotton.

4. Cosmos Bed

Created by Russian designer Natalia Rumyantseva, the Cosmos was designed to give you the ultimate sleeping experience, while replicating the starry night sky. The giant capsule comes equipped with a high-tech LED lighting system, audio system, and aromatic dispensers to help you fall asleep comfortably with some pleasant smells.

3. Workbed Desk

Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of BLESS came up with the interesting Workbed Desk, which essentially has two different modes: work and sleep. Its space saving design is ideal for small spaces, and it’s extremely easy to go from work to sleep as well. At the push of a button, the desk turns to bed, complete with specially designed sheets that’ll stay attached to the underside of the table / mattress when flipped over.

2. Elevator Bed

Everyone needs more space these days, and the “Elevator Bed” is one that will help free up some room. Designed by the French furniture maker Espace Loggia, they look like normal beds until you raise them to the roof. They come in both double and queen sizes and when elevated, provide a nice seating area for guests.

1. Hi-Can Bed

The Hi-Can (High Fidelity Canopy) bed ensures you never have to leave the comfort of your warm sheets during cold winter days. Featuring everything you need to waste the day away, including built-in blinds for privacy, a high-tech surround sound audio system for playing games or watching movies using the built-in projector.