Ever wonder what Earth looks like from the edge of our solar system? Well, wonder no more, as Voyager 1 has transmitted this image back to NASA headquarters earlier this week. That’s right, “this tiny dot, amid a band of colored rays, is our planet, as seen from staggering distance of 11,100,000,000 miles away.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

The third indicator that the Voyager is leaving the solar system is the direction of the magnetic field, and this is now being studied by NASA. Once all signals have been passed, NASA can confirm the Voyager is on to the final frontier, and they expect to provide a preliminary report on the magnetic fields this month.

Voyager project scientist Edward Stone said: ‘These are thrilling times for the Voyager team as we try to understand the quickening pace of changes as Voyager 1 approaches the edge of interstellar space.’We are certainly in a new region at the edge of the solar system where things are changing rapidly. But we are not yet able to say that Voyager 1 has entered interstellar space.’


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