Mad Max Paintball

Mad Max: Fury Road gets a modern day makeover filled with go-karts, golf carts, paintball guns and lots of actors. Devin “Super Tramp” Graham’s, best known for his YouTube clips of cliff-jumping, jet surfing and urban kayaking, latest project is definitely no slouch. Filmed in the Utah desert using professional stunt actors, the team really nailed the look and feel of the original movie using carts and paintball guns. Continue reading for a behind-the-scenes clip.

“All Mad Max GoKarts were made by Seth Jones and Andy Sims. With help from several others. This video could not have happened without all my amazing friends who spent two days camping on location, and so much was sacrificed by so many people to make this happen, so many I can’t even begin to list. Film by Devin Graham using the RED Dragon, filmed in 6k, exported out to 4K compressed for YouTube,” according to the video page.