Timbersled Bike

When motocross bike meets snowmobile, you get the Timbersled, which is basically a rear suspension kit that uses the company’s lightweight Mountain Tamer rear snowmobile suspension to drive the track up front. The track is a Camoplast Challenger measuring 121-inches long, 12.25-inches wide and utilizes lugs that are 1 3/4-inches high. Everything comes assembled, so you’ll just need some basic tools to bolt it onto your bike. Continue reading for another video and more pictures.


“Riding the Mountain Horse is a sitdown affair. Like you, I have a dirt bike, a KTM 300 MXC. When single track riding in the Rockies, I spend half my time, maybe more, standing. Yet, for a snowbike, sitting tall is the in-control position. Oh, standing is needed to kick star the Horse, unless sweet electric start is on the snowbike,” said Off-Road.