You’ve probably seen the warnings, now see what happens when you purposely decide to light a lighter at a gas pump. As strange as this sounds, it’s true – a motorist actually lit himself and his car on fire after playing with a lighter while filling up his tank with petrol at an ACPO station in Thomastown (Australia) and was saved by a doctor from fuel station fire. Continue reading for the video and more information.

Station operator Suzy Eid, who was not working at the time but watched the drama unfold on video, told Seven News: “I thought it was common knowledge that nobody would light a flame next to a petrol pump while filling up. Why anyone would do something like that is just beyond me. “He’s not only endangered himself, but it was a danger to all of us. He could have done some severe damage.”

Both Ms Eid and fire brigade officials have praised the bravery of Mr Zaini. Melbourne Fire Brigade Deputy Chief Robert Taylor said: “I think he’s had a fantastic presence of mind.