Fans of the series know Gray Fox (also spelled Grey Fox in the MSX2 version) as the codename of FOXHOUND agent Frank Jaeger. Agent Jaeger was the only active field agent of FOXHOUD to achieve the codename “Fox”, the highest commemoration, and was originally a child soldier for FRELIMO. Continue reading to see one of the greatest Gray Fox cosplayer yet, and yes, it’s a female.

5 Interesting Metal Gear Solid 2 facts:

  1. The idea behind the design of Snake’s sneaking suit came about from the logic that since Snake is now in a non-profit organization, he is pretty poor. Unlike when he’s working for Fox Hound, he doesn’t have all the high-tech gear anymore. His sneaking tights is actually the inner layer of his sneaking suit left over from MGS1.
  2. Rose repeatedly asking Raiden whether he remembers what day it is was taken from Kojima’s personal experience with his wife. Kojima’s wife would always repeatedly ask Kojima if he remembers what day it is whenever it is a special day. And whenever his wife asks him that, Kojima would know he’s in trouble because most of the time he does not remember what special day it is.
  3. It is hard to tell between the graphical difference of the PS1 and the PS2, but the idea of Olga was that she looked very much like Meryl, and that is the reason why Snake couldn’t shoot her when they first met on the tanker.
  4. Originally, the entire area of Shell 2 which is under water was planned to contain sharks. During the single person entrance and the two person exit, the game would have been an escape from sharks, and not just the holding of breath that’s in the final game. And the underwater mines were there for more purpose than just for you to avoid. Originally, the idea behind those mines was that the player must strategically bump into those mines on purpose, to leave blood at certain locations to attract the sharks, and then escape while the sharks are distracted.
  5. Originally, at the end of the Tanker Chapter, there is a game sequence of the tanker being flooded with rushing water, and Snake must escape out of the ship with the rushing water chasing after him. If the water overtakes Snake, Snake dies and the game ends. The physics of the rushing water took a long time to create and calculate, and the entire sequence was already completed. But Kojima at the very end decided the sequence doesn’t constitute as fun gameplay, so he decided to cut the entire sequence out of the final game at the last minute. A small taste of how it would have looked like was left in Snake’s flashback sequence, and in the game’s gameshow trailer.

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