Mojave Solar Power

Fully operational since December 2014, the Mojave Solar Project uses advanced parabolic trough technology that has made this 280 MegaWatt plant one of the most innovative projects in the country. The plant utilizes the desert’s solar thermal energy and then generates steam in solar steam generators. Electrical power is produced from twin, independently operable solar fields, each feeding a 125 MW power island. It’s expected to generate 617,000 MWh of power annually, sufficient for more than 88,000 households and preventing over 430 kilotons of carbon dioxide emission a year. Continue reading for more.

14. Napoleon’s Beautiful 3-Chamber Pistol

Napolean 3-Chamber Pistol

13. Amazing Engineering

Amazing Engineering Bridge

12. $40,000 Javelin Missile Being Fired

$40,000 Javelin Missile

11. Drive-Thru Car Wash with Cannon

Drive-Thru Car Wash

10. World War I British-Issued Clubs

WW1 British Clubs

9. Australian Special Forces Dog Goes on Sky Mission

Dog Sky Diving

8. Military Dog with Titanium Teeth

Titanium Teeth Dog

7. Offset Cutter

Offset Cutter

6. 8-Year-Old Female Afghan Skateboarder

Afghan Skateboarder

5. Endeavour Space Shuttle Cockpit

Endeavour Shuttle Cockpit

4. Daenerys Targaryen Body Double on Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen Double

3. North America Compared with Jupiter

North America Jupiter

2. Utair MI26 – The World’s Largest Operational Helicopter

Largest Operational Helicopter

1. Crocosaurus Cove Aquarium – Australia

Crocosaurus Cove Aquarium