Photo credit: Mail Online

The European Space Agency announced that space debris named WT1190F is going to fall to Earth on Friday, November 13th at around 6.20am GMT (13.20ET) in the skies above the Indian Ocean. While most of the object is expected to burn up in the atmosphere about 62 miles (100km) off the south coast of Sri Lanka, smaller fragments could crash onto the surface. Nobody can confirm exactly what this object is, but some say it’s the remains of a previous space mission. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The object was first spotted by the Catalina Sky Survey in 2013, swinging within 155,340 miles (250,000km) of Earth before plunging back out into space to a distance of around half a million kilometres – twice as far away as the moon. But its elliptical orbit is unstable and the altitude of the object’s closest approach to the Earth has been falling. Tomorrow morning, this will cause it to dip into the atmosphere while moving at a speed of several miles per second,” reports Mail Online.

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