HardwareSecrets has just reviewed the XG Magnum 600 External Power Supply. Perfect for systems with overclocked CPUs, this 600W external PSU dissipates heat using a colossal heat pipe system and includes an LCD display that shows voltage/temperature/power consumption. Full specs after the jump.

“Its aluminum case helps dissipating its heat and its fanless design is a plus for helping lowering the noise level produced by the PC, but your PC won’t be completely silent, since you still have fans on the motherboard and video card (and maybe extra fans on the case).”


XG Magnum 600 External power supply main specs include: * External power supply. * ATX 2.0.1 (24-pin ATX) * Two PCI Express cables (for SLI or CrossFire configuration). * True 600 W. * Two separated 12V rails. * Aluminum case. * Fanless (copper radiator with heat-pipes). * Active PFC. * LCD reporting power supply temperature, voltages and wattages.