FlatEV Tortilla Maker

Keurig machines are known for their ease of use, but imagine being able to pop in a pod for making tortillas. Introducing the Flatev Tortilla Maker. Just pop in a pre-mixed pod, and it serves up freshly made tortillas without any mixing, kneading, or baking. “Inside each flatev dough pod is the precise amount of dough for you to enjoy one perfect tortilla. The pods control the precise blend of ingredients as well as their quality. The dough lasts 6 weeks and must be kept refrigerated,” said its creators. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The flatev pods are made of polypropylene, plastic #5 (same material as your yogurt cups and bottle caps) that is fully recyclable. Our pods are different to single-serve coffee cups, because they have no residue left after usage and don’t contain filters. That means you can simply remove the pod foil from the pods, as you do with yogurt cups and recycle them in your nearest recycling station,” according to the product description. Kickstarter page.

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