While it may look like a 3D video, it’s just liquid nitrogen in ultra slow motion being placed in a hot frying pan. In scientific terms, the “Leidenfrost effect is caused by the liquid produces an insulating vapour layer when it comes in contact with a solid surface that is hotter than its boiling point – so balls of water or nitrogen ‘glide’ across the surface until they disappear.” Continue reading for the video and more information.

The effect, known as the Leidenfrost effect, was captured in a video shot by the makers of Modernist Cuisine, a six volume, $450 cookbook that clocks in at 2,468 pages long – and has sold more than $20 million. The liquid nitrogen video was shot while capturing illustrations for Myhrvold’s continuing series of cookbooks – and used a 3,000-frame-per-second camera to explain the phenomenon.


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