When is an old bus, not just something destined for the junk yard? When it’s transformed into a sleek modern office, or at least a small part of it. That’s right, this “corner office was created by a Hungarian, using the font part of a bus built by Hungarian bus manufacturers Ikarus.” Continue reading for more pictures and information.

This old bus cabin turned into working space complete with working headlights is, in my book, the result of passion and vision. Occupying the corner of a room, the ingenious office bus cabin presents itself as the perfect solution to re-build a brand’s identity after it has had its glory days.

Reused to contour a different atmosphere in the workspace, an Ikarus bus was salvaged, cut and painted to become a creative room separator. With just enough space to fit a desk and a chair, the interior looks like a time-machine-back-to-the-future thing. Restored to its old glory, but paying for that with about 90% of its body, this old Ikarus has a second chance to inspire and amaze.

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