3D printer fans rejoice! Jake Evill’s Cortex has modernized the ancient concept of a splint using 3D printing technology. When X-ray technology is combined with 3D printing and scanning, the Cortex exoskeletal cast provides a fully-ventilated structure to heal broken bones. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

The concept would be ready-to-fit directly off of the 3D printer, with built-in fasteners added for the final enclosure. These fasteners would then be removed by a special tool when healing is complete. Because of the incredibly tight structure and customized fitting, the Cortex would fit under clothing much easier than traditional casts.

The open-latticed structure also provides the ability to feel surroundings, so the casted area is significantly less clumsy. It also provides easy access for scratching those inevitable itches, so wearers could ditch the rulers or skewers that are commonly employed to deal with such annoyances.