Photo credit: Reddit

Finding an occasional strange letter or package in your mailbox is one thing, but discovering a paper bag filled with $13,007 and a loaded .357 Magnum is an entirely different story. That’s exactly what this internet user found in his mailbox, and fortunately, decided to call the cops immediately. Continue reading to hear more about the story and additional pictures.

Here’s what Reddit user “foundgunthrowaway” said, “Just FYI people I’m not an idiot, I didn’t touch the stuff, that is a cop’s hand in the photo, he actually told me to take the pictures while he was going through it, he said nobody would believe me if I didn’t. I asked him about prints and if they check, he said “this isn’t CSI” all they do is run the numbers on the gun/money. I called them when I found it, all I did was bring the bag into my house. They said if the gun/money isn’t connected to a crime and nobody claims it then I get to keep the money after a period of time.”