James Bond, Bruce Wayne, and other famous comic book characters would most certainly approve of Bodega. Why? Because Bodega, located in Boston, is actually disguised as a normal market. That’s right, it takes the word ‘underground’ to a new level, as the sneaker / clothing store is hidden in a supermarket, behind a Snapple vending machine. Continue reading for a video and more information.

SneakerFreaker reports that, “If you’re as much a fashionista as a sneaker head, you won’t be disappointed either. You can pick up a quintessential eighties Nike windbreaker (purple, aqua and white, of course), a spanking new Claw$ bag or the latest Mishka t-shirt. If all of that starts to quicken your pulse and even make you sweat, just stock up on your favorite deodorant from the store up front!”

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