2008 Honda Accord


Inside Line Video takes the 2008 Honda Accord coupe sedan out for a road test in this segment. Video after the jump. Here’s the bottom line:

..the Accord drives as brilliantly as it always has. In the rising tide of class sophistication, the Accord has maintained its position among competitors. It’s smoother than the sometimes coarse Nissan Altima. And it’s more alert in its responses than the cushy, isolated Toyota Camry

A 2008 Honda Accord Coupe was recently spotted at a convenience store, next to its little brother, the Civic. First image in gallery.

Compared to the concept that debuted in Detroit, the blocky front end has dispatched the hard angles for a much more curvaceous clip, with deeply contoured fog lamp recesses and a smoothed out lower air dam to feed the radiator. Out back, the lines are somewhat reminiscent of the shooter’s Civic Si coupe, coupled with a set of taillights that hint at the last generation Audi A4

[via Autoblog]