Park Ranger Gorilla Selfie
Photo credit: Virunga National Park
Two gorillas in Congo were ready to strike a pose for a selfie with a ranger from The Elite AntiPoaching Units and Combat Trackers at Virunga National Park. The female gorillas, named Ndakazi and Ndeze, have resided at an enclosed sanctuary for orphans since they were infants. “Those gorilla gals are always acting cheeky so this was the perfect shot of their true personalities!” said the park. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Samsung Galaxy View 2

Samsung’s Galaxy View 2 follows up on its predecessor (video above), but there are a few differences, most notably the missing handle, while retaining a kickstand that is adjustable up to 30°. Its display has been reduced down to 17.5 inches from 18.4 inches, and there appears to be an AT&T logo on the tablet’s back. The official model number is SM-T927A, which features an Exynos 7885 SoC and 3GB of RAM. Read more for two additional pictures and information.

Elon Musk Self-Driving Car Tesla

Elon Musk announced today at the Tesla Autonomy Day event that they company plans to have at least a million robo-taxis on the road by 2020 with full self-driving car technology. This is possible thanks to Tesla’s very own computer for self-driving cars, which uses a neural network system with complete redundancy. So, if one of these chips should fail, the second one kicks in automatically. “All Tesla cars right now have everything necessary for self-driving available today. All you need to do is improve the software,” said Musk. Read more for a video about the chip from Autonomy Day and additional information.

Rebook Classic 40th Anniversary Alien Stomper

To commemorate the release of the original Alien (1979) movie, Rebook Classic has unveiled the new 40th Anniversary Alien Stomper sneakers, which draws inspiration from the film. Featuring premium-aged leather construction, which enhances the sneaker’s tactile experience while also giving it a vintage look, a cream-white colorway with contrasting blood-red and anthracite detailing, as well as several Easter eggs, including a deviant version of the logo used by the Alien franchise’s infamous “Weyland-Yutani” corporation. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

The Apple Watch Series 3 is perfect for those who don’t need the latest feature of the Series 4 (S4 processor, W3 chip, etc.), and it’s being offered for just $229 shipped, today only, originally $309. It features GPS, an optical heart sensor, digital crown, an S3 dual-core processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and an aluminum case. Product page. Read more for another video explaining why it’s still worth getting one in 2019.

3D-Printed Metal Smash Proof Guitar

Let’s face it, rock stars have been smashing guitars for decades, including Swedish-born guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. Global engineering company Sandvik decided to test their cutting-edge techniques by 3D-printing the world’s first all-metal, smash-proof guitar and then letting Malmsteen try it out. “We don’t make products for consumers, so people don’t realize how far in the forefront our methods are. Creating a smash-proof guitar for a demanding musician like Malmsteen highlights the capabilities we bring to all complex manufacturing challenges,” said Klas Forsström, President of Sandvik Machining Solutions. Read more for a how it’s made video, additional pictures and information.

Student Computer USB Killer

Former student Vishwanath Akuthota of The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York has pleaded guilty in the destruction of 66 computers at the school using a USB killer device. How does this device work? When connected to any device, it begins to accumulate charge from their capacitors, until it reaches the critical voltage, and then rapidly discharges it back to the host device, thus frying its electronic components. Read more for a video of USB killers being used on a Tesla Model 3 as well as other devices.

Rhnull Golden Blood
It’s not everyday that you hear about a rare blood type, much less one that only 43 people are confirmed to have worldwide, with 9 of them being donors. It’s called Rh-null, or “Golden Blood”, and is highly prized for blood transfusions. What makes it so special? Well, humans all have red blood cells with 342 antigens, which produce antibodies, and theirblood type is determined on the basis of the presence or absence of these antigens. Approximately 160 of 342 blood group antigens are prevalent and your blood type is considered rare if you lack antigens that 99% of the people are positive for. The 342 known antigens belong to 35 blood group systems, and Rh, or ‘Rhesus’, is the largest, with 61 antigens. What if you’re missing all of the 61 Rh antigens? This means that it can be accepted by anyone with a rare blood type within the Rh blood system. Read more for a video and additional information.

US Navy Electromagnetic Railgun

The U.S. Navy has plans to integrate a railgun with a range of over 16 km onto a ship in the next 5-years, and this weapon, while having a form factor more typical of a naval gun, will utilize hyper-velocity rounds weighing 23-pounds, are 18-inches, and fired at Mach 7. The ultimate goal is to develop self-guided projectiles, and the Navy is projecting each round to cost around $25,000 each. There are currently some high velocity projectiles developed by the Navy that have command guidance, but their accuracy is unknown, nor it can survive a full power shot. There are only two Zumwalt-class destroyers (DDG-1000 series) that can produce enough electrical power to get the desired performance, generating 78 megawatts of power. Read more for two additional videos and additional information.

Wald Rolls-Royce Phantom Black Bison
Just when you thought the 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom couldn’t look any more sleek, Japanese tuner Wald International reveals the Black Bison Editon. In addition to the matte black paint job, the luxury sedan boasts a redesigned front bumper with an integrated spoiler, large air intakes, and chrome trim, while the rear bumper sports a massive diffuser, thick exhaust finishers, as well as a mesh finish. If its anything like the company’s previous Rolls-Royce offerings, you can expect to shell out upwards of $35K+ for the package. Read more for additional pictures and a bonus video.