NASA InSight Lander Mars Drill

NASA’s Mars InSight lander launced from Vandenberg Air Force Base back in May, and is scheduled to land just north of the Martian equator around 3 p.m. EST on Nov. 26. While Insight won’t be able to move about on Mars like the Curiosity Rover, it will be using a suite of instruments and a seven-foot-long robotic arm to drill up to 16-feet below the surface at its landing site, Elysium Planitia. Its ultimate goal is to compare the interior of Mars to that of Earth so researchers can better understand how these rocky worlds formed billions of years ago. Read more for another mission overview video and additional information.

NASA and Lockheed Martin’s X-59 QueSST aims to revolutionize supersonic flight by making it quieter. This aircraft will be able to fly from London to New York in just three hours, and NASA is currently testing the technology over the Texas Gulf Coast in hopes that the ‘sonic thump’ will be ‘no louder than a car door closing.’ During the test, two FA-18 fighter jets climbed to 55,000 feet and then dived to replicate the ‘sonic thump’. Read more for two additional videos and information.

Macau Grand Prix Crash

Sophia Floersch, a 17-year-old German female driver, fractured her spine in a horrific crash at the Formula Three Macau Grand Prix 2018, and spent at least 7-hours in surgery Monday. As you can see, the surreal footage shows gasps from the crowd as the Van Amersfoort Racing driver’s car flew through the air in and into safety netting at the sharp Guia Circuit’s Lisboa bend. She lost control in a contact down the straight, launched off a curb, and then bounced off Tsuboi’s TOM’s Racing car. Read more for another video from a different viewpoint and additional information.

Ring Alarm Home Security System

The Ring Alarm Home Security System lets you keep an eye out when you’re away, without those pesky service contracts, all for $188.98, this week only, originally $268.98. You’ll be able to protect your property from the inside-out, complete with mobile alerts when doors or windows open and when motion is detected. Set up your entire system without the need for professional installers, and expand your system to fit any living space. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Sound Wave Building Ural Philharmonic Orchestra

Photo credit: Zaha Hadid Architects
If you turned a real sound wave into a modern building, it would look like the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra. This 1,600-seat concert hall was designed by Zaha Hadid architects and blends the sound wave look throughout the interior as well with plenty organic shapes and clean curves. There’s also a smaller, yet just as elegant, 400-seat chamber-music hall housed within the steel structure. Read More for additional pictures and information.

RetroStone Portable Game Console

Portable retro gaming consoles are nothing new, but RetroStone boasts a Game Boy-inspired design and has features not found in its competitors. The device is powered by a RetroStone Pi SBC (single board computer) running an H3 processor (4-cores @ 1.2GHz), and features a 3.5″ display, up to 16GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, four USB ports, HDMI out, as well as an Ethernet port. You can also turn it into a computer by simply connecting a display, keyboard and mouse. Whether it be word processing, browsing YouTube or watching movies on a big screen, this compact device does it all. Read more for another hands-on video, additional images and information.

Gyrodrone VTOL Personal Aircraft

Thrustcycle wants to make flying bikes a reality, starting with the Gyrodrone, designed by Clyde Igarashi, which uses two propellers for vertical lift-off, and two gyroscopes for stability. Its counter-rotating gyroscopes are powerful enough to keep the bike stable even when kicked, which means that high winds should be no problem. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Apple Store Thailand

Apple opened its very first store in Thailand this past Saturday at the ICONSIAM Center, welcoming both locals and visitors to experience hands-on the best of the company’s products. It’s situated alongside storied sites, cultural landmarks, and is seamlessly connected to an outdoor roof terrace, while the store’s clean, trapezoidal design lines and glass surfaces accentuate the natural beauty of its surroundings. Read more for another detailed video walk-through, additional pictures and information.

Survival Condo Doomsday Bunker

Ever wonder what’s actually inside those luxury doomsday bunkers that you’ve been hearing about online for the past few years? Well, here’s a rare look inside one unit of the “Survival Condo Project” by Larry Hall. These fortified shelters are built to withstand catastrophic events, including nuclear war, and the units are designed to accommodate about a dozen families, complete with food stores, fisheries, gardens, a pool, and even movie theater. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

LEGO Forma Adults

LEGO sets are fun for all ages, but now, the Danish company introduces the Forma line, which promises “a premium LEGO experience designed for adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side.” The Koi fish set, priced at $46 (currently sold out), boasts 294 pieces, while replaceable skins enables you to transform the model into a shark as well as other creatures. These sets “are designed to help you reconnect with your imagination and disconnect from the stress of life (and) discover the simple satisfaction of building with your hands,” according to the LEGO Forma site. Read more for another video, additional information, and the Indiegogo page.