Znera Space Downtown Circle Ring Burj Khalifa Dubai
Just when you thought the Burj Khalifa couldn’t take him anymore records, Znera Space proposes building a massive Downtown Circle ring around it that sits 1,800-feet off the ground. The goal was to build densely while retaining liveability, and as a singular 5-story mega building complex, Downtown Circle aims to create a hyper efficient urban center that gives back to the environment.

The Row Architecture Metaverse
Everyrealm, a mtaverse real estate developer, along with real estate advisory firm Alexander Team, have partnered to introduce ‘The Row,’ an invite-only virtual community with 30 architectural designs by world-famous artists. They include Daniel Arsham, Misha Kahn, Andrés Reisinger & Alba de la Fuente, Alexis Christodoulou, Six N. Five, and Hard.Architects.

Polestar KOJA Tree House
EV maker Polestar’s KOJA is a secret, minimalistic tree house that could be mistaken for a spaceship in the Finnish forest. It was designed by Kristian Talvitie to be a micro space that is accessible for people who would otherwise take a much longer trip to experience the wilderness. The tree house encapsulates both Polestar design language and sustainability values, while minimizing the use of material as well as energy.