Jungfraujoch Train Station Highest Railway Station Europe
Here’s a fascinating look at the Jungfraujoch train station, the highest railway station in Europe. To reach this structure, guests have to take the Jungfraubahn cogwheel train, which takes around 30-minutes to ascend the 4,593-foot (1,400-meters) track. A stop at the Eismeer station helps visitors acclimate to the altitude before reaching the final destination at 11,362 feet (3,463 meters).

Airbnb Palais Garnier Paris Phantom of the Opera
This new Airbnb experience lets you spend the night at Palais Garnier in Paris, home of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ musical play. Guests will be staying in one of the theater’s private viewing areas, called the Box of Honor, which has been transformed into an elegant bedroom. It also includes a visit to the real underground lake, home of the Phantom, that was featured in the famous novel.

Midjourney AI Style Architects Into Cars
Photo credit: Moss and Fog
Ever wonder what cars designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (left) and Zaha Hadid (right) would look like? Midjourney AI shows us just that with the help of text prompts from the team at Moss and Fog. Wright was best known for his Prairie style architecture, inspired by the flat landscape of America’s Midwest, while Hadid’s radical deconstructivist designs helped earn her the Prizker Architecture Prize in 2004.

Midjourney AI Apple Store Architectural Styles
Photo credit: Shail Patel
When you think of Apple Store locations, the Great Pyramid of Giza probably doesn’t come to mind, but with the right prompt, Midjourney AI can give us an idea of what it could look like. Designer Shail Patel had to carefully think of prompts to feed the Stable Diffusion-based artificial intelligence program in various locations around the world including Egypt and New York City.

L-Shaped House Tokyo 538-Square-Feet Tiny
There’s the Tokyo Cafe with anime maid robots, and then this tiny L-shaped house that measures just 538-square-feet that spans three levels. New York City and Tokyo both are no strangers to cramped living spaces, but architecture firm SALHAUS spent countless hours turning this one into something fit for a family as well as a guest on the ground level.

Saudi Arabia The LINE Megacity Construction
Photo credit: MIT Technology Review
Many thought Saudi Arabia’s The LINE skyscraper city in the desert would remain a concept for years to come, but it is already under construction, according to the latest satellite imagery. No structures appear to have gone vertical yet, although zooming in on the aerial photo reveals a fleet of bulldozers, trucks, and diggers excavating the site.