Simply put, this “montage of ATT ads came from a 1993 Newsweek CD-ROM, when Newsweek thought that one day, magazines would be sent to you in CD-ROM form, sponsored with ads.” Continue reading to watch.

..and were (mostly) remarkably accurate, predicting: E-Books, in-car GPS, tablet PCs, E-ZPass, video conferencing, and video on demand.

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AT&T mistakenly double charged a customer for two refurbished 16GB iPhones instead of the single unit ordered. So, instead of completely canceling the second order, they rush delivered a plastic bag. Click here for one more picture.

But the next day he received another package from AT&T. It was shipped 2-day via DHL. Inside? One empty plastic bag, complete with an invoice for “75011 MISC iPhone PPA BAG … $0.00.”

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That’s right, for one day only Amazon.com is offering all AT&T phones — excluding the iPhone — for just a penny with service agreement. Notable handsets include: the BlackBerry Curve, Sony Ericsson W580i, Samsung Blackjack II, and AT&T Tilt. Product page.

Looking to grab a Blackberry Curve or Pantech Duo? You’re not gonna find them any cheaper than this. In fact, the Curve actually comes with a $75 mail-in rebate, meaning they’ll pay you $75 to get one

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PhoneArena provides us with a hands-on demonstration of that AT&T LG Vu, one of their first handsets to support MediaFlo, complete with retractable antenna. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

As we’ve mentioned above, the Vu has the same user interface as the European models PRADA and Viewty. Of course, AT&T slightly personalized the whole thing, but most of it is kept the same; for example, both the homescreen and the first page of the main menu house shortcuts to the Mobile TV

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Now that you’ve heard the news about AT&T’s partnership with Microsoft, check out a live demonstration of the AT&T Surface technology. Continue reading to watch. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Being able to throw down a phone or two and get specs, review plans, and compare features is simply jaw-droppingly cool, though what really got us was another feature that AT&T has apparently been tossing around as a future possibility: device-to-device transfer

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Microsoft announces the availability of its Surface technology at select AT&T stores nationwide beginning April 17th. According to the company, “shoppers in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio, and San Francisco will be treated to what amounts to the novelty of learning about a device by simply placing it atop the Surface.” Click here for first picture in gallery.

They’ll also have the ability to explore interactive coverage maps. Later, users will be able to drag ringtones, graphics and video and drop it into “the phones.”

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Samsung’s Blackjack II aka SGH-i617 boasts a 206-MHz TI OMAP 2420 processor, 256MB ROM, 64MB SDRAM, 2.4-inch (320 x 240) display, 2.0-megapixel camera, integrated GPS, and Bluetooth 2.0. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Samsung took what many loved already with the BlackJack and made an evolutionary step forward keeping the same known design while greatly improving on the features. As far as performance goes, it’s solid with quick responses, great reception, clear sound, and strong battery life

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Touted as the “world’s slimmest 3G phones” offered through AT&T, these handsets boast 2.0 (A717) / 1.3 (A727) megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD card slot, dual-band 3G, and AT&T Mobile Music support. Video after the break.

This is a quick look at the new Samsung Ultras for AT&T. We show you how they’re the same, and how they’re different – both from each other and from a few other Samsungs we’ve recently reviewed here on Phone Scoop

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