2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1
It’s official, the Ford Mustang Mach 1 is returning with all the speed and style that you remember. This fastback coupe rung in the first golden era of muscle cars in the late-1960s and now revives the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 performance for a new golden age of Mustang enthusiasts. The original Mach 1 made its debut as a 1969 model year and delivered performance as well as improved dynamics with its GT handling suspension. Read more for a video and additional information.

Elon Musk Jay Leno Cybertruck Tunnel
Tesla CEO Elon Musk may not have let many drive the Cybertruck prototype, but now you can add former late night TV show host Jay Leno to that list. In this full segment, we get to see Elon with Tesla Chief designer Franz von Holzhausen speaking with Jay Leno before heading out for a drive near SpaceX headquarters, where The Boring Company also has a tunnel. Read more to see them take this giant truck through this underground space.

LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37
The LEGO Group partnered with Automobili Lamborghini to create the LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. This 1:8 scale replica has 3,696-pieces in a vivid lime-green color, complete with golden rims. It measures over 5” high, 23” long and 9” wide, making it the perfect addition to any LEGO collection. Features include a mini V12 engine, pop-up rear spoiler, front / rear suspension, and steering powered by a wheel adorned with the iconic Lamborghini emblem. Read more for two videos, additional pictures and information.

Ford Heat Software Police Coronavirus
Ford unveils a new heated software enhancement for its 2013-19 Police Interceptor Utility vehicles, and it’s available now in the United States, Canada as well as other countries around the world. How does it work? The software heats the vehicle’s interior until all the viruses inside are inactivated. It uses the powertrain / climate control systems to enable vehicles to elevate passenger compartment temperatures beyond 133 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Briefcase
Photo credit: Contempo Concept
NISMO came up with the concept of the Z-tune back in 2002 when Nissan was planning to end R34 Skyline production. The first model was built in 2003, using a used 2002 Skyline GT-R V·Spec II chassis, and came equipped with a concept RB26DETT ‘Z1’ engine, which was based on Nissan’s Le Mans GT2 and GT500 racing experiences. This 2.8L engine boasted upgraded turbochargers proudcing 493 hp at 6800 rpm 398 lb⋅ft of torque at 5200 rpm, enabling it to hit 62 mph in just 3.8-seconds, while topping out at over 203 mph. Read more for a video of the briefcase that came with this rare vehicle.

2020 Toyota Supra Top Speed
The 2020 Toyota GR Supra has an official top speed of 155 mph, but one owner discovered that the electronic limits aren’t what they seem to be. In other words, their factory A90 Supra managed to hits 163 mph (263 kilometers per hour), according to external GPS speedometer. For those who don’t know, the Autobahn in Germany has several speed-unrestricted stretches, which makes this top speed run legal in that country. Read more for the video.

Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition
Triumph reveals the Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition, inspired by the custom stunt bike featured in the upcoming “No Time to Die” (November 25, 2020 release) film, and it’s limited to just 250-units worldwide with just 30 heading to the United States. At $18500, it comes equipped with a unique billet riser clamp sporting a laser-etched individual serial number plate, complete with a special Bond Handover Pack that includes a numbered certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Triumph’s CEO Nick Bloor, as well as a premium backpack. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Bigfoot 5 World's Largest Monster Truck
Yes, there is more than one Bigfoot monster truck. The Ford-based Big Foot 5 was originally built in 1986 and sits on 10-foot tall Tundra tires. Unfortunately, due to its height, this truck has never qualified for actual monster truck competitions, but has crushed cars for show in exhibitions. It’s also currently the heaviest truck ever built, weighing in at a staggering 28,000-pounds with the standard tires. Read more for a video and additional information.

Jay Leno Elon Musk Cybertruck
The upcoming episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage”, set to air on Wednesday (May 27) at 10P ET on CNBC will have Jay Leno taking the Tesla Cybertruck out for a drive with none other than Elon Musk. Not much information has been revealed about this segment, but we do know that in the full episode, you’ll see Elon Musk taking the truck through one of the Boring Company tunnels in Los Angeles. Read more for a preview and additional information.

Tesla Minivan
Photo credit: Drivable Designs via Motor1
There’s no doubt that Tesla will be exploring various vehicle platforms over the next few years, and one intriguing design would be a Model XL minivan, or so Drivable Designs thinks. Compared with a full-sized van, modern minivans are based on a passenger car platform and have a lower body, which means that Elon Musk could possibly use the current Model S or Model X as the base platform. Read more for additional pictures.