4000HP Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 Yacht Water
Inspired by the Sián FKP 37 hybrid supercar, the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is an ultra luxurious yacht built with the combined knowledge of the automaker as well as the Italian Sea Group brand. The first unit was delivered to its owner a few days ago, powered by two MAN V12-2000HP engines generating a combined 3945-horsepower, making it the fastest yacht in the Tecnomar fleet of The Italian Sea Group. Read more for two videos, additional pictures and information.

DAB Motors Concept-E Electric Motorcycle
France-based DAB Motors has just unveiled their Concept-E electric motorcycle that was developed from the ground up at their headquarters in Bayonne. It’s powered by a 10kW motor fed by a 51.8V Li-ion battery, which makes it the road legal equivalent to a 125cc bike. Even if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, just a few hours of training is enough to master the highly intuitive Concept-E. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Porsche Vision Renndienst Interior
Who would have thought that an all-electric van could look cool? Meet the futuristic Porsche Vision Renndienst. The company has just revealed its interior and it combines minimalist design with a few high-tech touches. Featuring a centered 180° swiveling driver’s seat, a digital instrument cluster, individual second row seats, a third row bench with floating headrests and an asymmetric window layout. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Twin-Turbocharged Ferrari f12 1500HP
Photo credit: Protective Film Solutions
Gas Monkey Garage’s Aaron Kaufman is known for his crazy supercar builds, and his latest for Daily Driven Exotics is no exception. This twin-turbocharged Ferrari F12 is unlike any other as to even fit the giant turbines, he had to completely disassemble the front end, including the inner fenders as well as cut holes in the hood. That’s not all, the throttle bodies also needed to be shifted to the front of the motor and the charge pipes relocated right down into the center of the intercooler. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Ferrari F60 America
H/t: Car Scoops
No, this isn’t the successor to the F40 and F50, but rather a limited edition roadster released in 2014 that is based on the F12 celebrating the 60-years of Ferrari in North America. Limited to just 10-units worldwide, the F60 has completely revamped bodywork, complete with a light removable soft top instead of a traditional convertible top. It also features an asymmetrical cabin design with red trim for the driver’s area and black for the passenger with a American flag centered in the backrests of both seats. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Audi RS Q E-Tron Hybrid Electric 2022 Dakar Rally
The Audi RS Q e-tron started out as a concept less than a year ago, and now it has become a reality. This off-road vehicle boasts an electrified drivetrain that will be used next January at the 2022 Dakar Rally. A grueling event for even the most powerful petrol vehicles, this 2-week marathon of sorts has stages that are up to 800 kilometers (497 miles) in length, making it the ultimate challenge for an electric drivetrain. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

BeachBot AI Algorithm Cigarette Butt Microsoft
Microsoft’s BeachBot (“BB” for short) utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to learn how to better find cigarette butts, even if they’re partially buried in sand. Built by Edwin Bos and Martijn Lukaart of TechTics, along with students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, BeachBot features the first AI-based detection algorithm designed specifically sees strewn filters. Read more for a video and additional information.

Epic Games Ferrari 296 GTB Fortnite Battle Royale Game
It’s true, Fortnite parntered with Ferrari to bring their all-new 296 GTB into the battle royale game. This is also the first licensed vehicle in the game and with it comes fresh Epic Challenges for Week 7, including one where players are tasked with completing time trials in the 296 GTB. There are total of three Time Trial events to complete on the map, and all can be found in the southern half of the island. Read more for a video and additional information.

Elon Musk Tesla Cybertruck Game for Peace PUBGM
Tesla China and Tencent Games collaborated to bring both the new Cybertruck as well as the second-generation Roadster into Game for Peace (PUBGM). Speaking of the Cybertruck, Elon Musk announced that the production Tesla Cybertruck will be nearly exactly as shown when it debuted in 2019 from a design and engineering standpoint, but will include a four-wheel steering system that enables the vehicle to complete tight turns and maneuver with high agility. Read more for the video and additional information.

Custom Ferrari 360 Modena Stretch Limousine Limo
H/t: Car Scoops
With enough money, just about any street-legal vehicle can be turned into a stretch limousine, including the Ferrari 360 Modena. Manufactured between 1999-2005, this two-seater, mid-engine supercar is powered by a 3.6L V8 engine generating 395 hp, mated to an electrohydraulic-actuated “F1” automated manual transmission. As you step into the car via gullwing doors, you’ll find eight bucket seats to you snug. Read more for a video and additional information.