Far Cry 2


Far Cry 2, set for release on October 21st, “will feature ‘non-scripted enemy Artificial Intelligence, entirely destructible environments, dynamic fire and storm effects, and multiplayer gameplay, all in a completely open world 50km2 environment.'” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Far Cry 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed first-person shooter Far Cry. While the original was made by Crysis developer Crytek, Far Cry 2 is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and will run “on a tailor-made new gaming engine.”

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What sets Far Cry 2’s multiplayer mode apart from others is that it’s “rather easily put together a detailed map and upload it online for others to check out.” Video after the break.

There’ll be a player feedback system as well so you can get a sense of what the community thinks of your creation.

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Farcry 2

GT provides us with an exclusive Farcry 2 trailer, which shows off some intense gameplay. Continue reading to watch. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The player will also be able to tag certain objects and locations such as cars, sniper towers, ammo pickups and buildings, so that they will be able to monitor them on their map.

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Far Cry 2 Engine

Ubisoft unveiled a new tech demo at Ubidays 2008 which shows off the Far Cry 2 engine. As you’ll see, “fire is a big part of the game and one of your main tools.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The short demo they had on display had an impressive amount of playtime in it, depending on how you played through it. Hocking said the game could be completed in about 25 hours, a long shooter experience to be sure before downplaying even that number.

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Far Cry 2 Video

Though not the latest Far Cry 2 video, “producer LP Pharand gives a small dose of gameplay and comments on the release date.” Continue reading to watch. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Ubisoft informs EuroGamer that Far Cry 2 will release in “autumn” this year. Ubisoft also states a demo is likely for the game and that the title should release simultaneously for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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In this Far Cry 2 featurette, we “get an introduction to some of the coolest features in the game straight from the studio where it is being made.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Far Cry 2 immerses players in an entirely new kind of gaming experience, featuring a custom-made video game engine built from the ground up. Players discover a true open world gameplay set in Africa, brought to life by high-definition next-gen technology.

GT gives us a first look at Far Cry 2’s incredible “debut engine”, which allows its developers to “create a truly open world of 50sq/km, and also features a new animation system called LivePosture.” Video after the break.

There will be dynamic environments, which means that our vegetation is destructible and reactive to elements, and that we have a dynamic weather system (dynamic time of day, rain, storm, procedural cloud system…). We also implemented a new fire technology to enable real fire propagation. Every element that looks flammable can burn

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According to the presenter, Far Cry 2 is “as real as it can get”. Continue reading to judge for yourself. First picture in gallery.

Far Cry 2 also makes use of time shifts to change the way the game acts. By using a quick-wait feature, you can instantly shift the time from day to night. NPCs will be going about different tasks at night and the darkness will always help a lone soldier, making the game a whole different beast