Fifth Gear


In this Fifth Gear segment, Tom Ford “conducts a crash test to see if lowering the rural speed limit by 10 MPH will help save lives.” Slower may sometimes be safer, but does that hold true here? Continue reading to find out.

Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell joins actor John Barrowman as he “learns to drive a Subaru Impreza N2009 round the Sweet Lamb rally stage in mid-Wales.” Continue reading for the video.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and removed glass shards from Barrowman’s eyes before taking both to the hospital with no major injuries.

[via Autoblog]

Fifth Gear’s Jason Plato takes the Audi TT RS out for a road test in this segment. It’s powered by an all-new turbocharged 2.5L inline-5 engine that generates 335hp and 332lb-ft of torque. Video after the break.

In this Fifth Gear test, “Vicki Butler-Henderson teaches her beautiful, big, fat, ugly sister, how to drive the new Lotus Elise S,” which has only 134bhp and weighs just 700kg. Video after the break.

Jonny Smith of Fifth Gear reviews the all-new Mercedes-Benz E Class. This lineup includes direct injected forced induction engines and will retail for $4,600 less than its predecessor in the US. Video after the break.

Fifth Gear’s Jonny Smith takes the all-new Volkswagen Golf GTI out for a spin in this segment. Under the hood, you’ll find a 2.0L four cylinder engine that’s pushing 211hp. Video after the break.

Fifth Gear’s Tom Ford pits the all-new 2010 Mazda 3 against the Ford Focus in this segment. The European version features an innovative i-stop function that increases fuel economy by up to 12%. Video after the break.

Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell “drives the brand new Nissan 370Z around what used to be one of the fastest race circuits in Europe Reims, France.” He loved the 350Z, but does this one meet his expectations? Continue reading to find out.