Pazzi Autonomous Pizza Robot
The world’s first robotic pizza restaurant has opened in the Beaubourg district of Paris. How does it work? Guests first order their pizza on a touchscreen kiosk or directly on their web app before its sent to Pazzi, the pizza robot powered by artificial intelligence developed by 30 experts, engineers and developers. This enables the machine do everything, like flatten the fresh dough, spread the sauce, place the ingredients, cook the pie and cut it. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Jurassic Park Burger Restaurant Iron Studios Brazil T-Rex Dinosaur
There may be Jurassic Park-themed eateries in the Universal Studios theme parks around the world, but there’s only one licensed restaurant outside of them. Introducing “Jurassic Park Burger Restaurant” by Iron Studios, which is set to open on September 20th in São Paulo, Brazil, complete with a massive Tyrannosaurus rex greeting visitors. Renan Pizii, director of Iron Studios, said the idea for a restaurant came about after his toy company released a few Jurassic Park figures. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Robot Multi Wavelength Laser 3D-Printing Food Cook
Columbia engineers have developed a robot capable of cooking 3D-printed food using lasers. That’s right, Mechanical Engineering Professor Hod Lipson is leading the “Digital Food” team of his Creative Machines Lab in the development of a fully autonomous digital personal chef. The team 3D-printed chicken samples (3 mm thick by ~1in2 area) as a test bed and discovered that laser-cooked meat shrinks 50% less, while still retaining double the moisture content. It even shares a similar flavor profile when compared to conventionally cooked meat. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Nabisco Pokemon Limited Edition Oreo Cookie Rarity Scheme
While we don’t recommend hoarding anything with an expiration date, you can rest assured that scalpers will be lining up outside of supermarkets nationwide to get their hands on these limited edition cookies. They are officially called “Cookie Rarity Scheme,” and these Pokémon x Oreo cookies pay tribute to some of the most beloved characters from the franchise, complete with 16 unique cookie embossed designs. You’ll find Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and more. Read more for a short video and additional information.

International Space Station Astronaut Pizza Party
French aerospace engineer and astronaut Thomas Pesquet recently posted a video showing what it’s like to have a pizza party aboard the International Space Station. He documented astronauts making and enjoying the pizza in zero gravity, especially the skill required to place floating toppings on the pie. Fortunately, the crusts are pre-baked, but everything else can be customized before being heated in a space oven. Read more for the video and additional information.

SquarEat Food Squares
Sure, there are protein bars and other ready-to-eat snacks, but most are heavily processed. SquarEat aims to change that with their unique production chain that transforms raw food into standardized 50-gram squares. These are manufactured using a special preparation process, with each square being made of a single primary ingredient, along with natural aromas. This proprietary process results in no loss of nutrients during cooking or storage (up to 3 weeks). Read more for two videos and additional information.

3D-Printed Wagyu Beef Osaka University
Scientists from Osaka University in Japan have unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed Wagyu beef, complete with marbling, using stem cells isolated from Japanese cattle. This meat alternative isn’t just for show, as it contains muscle, fat as well as blood vessels that are all arranged to mimic traditional steaks. What sets Wagyu beef apart from standard beef is its high intramuscular fat content, which causes marbling that enhances its flavors and gives it texture. Read more for a short video and a picture of the actual printed beef.

Jeff Bezos CVTeeny Soft Serve Ice Cream Home
Photo credit: CVT Soft Serve
Former chairman, president, and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos can have gelato flown in fresh from Italy if he so pleases, but instead, he had a CVT Soft Serve machine installed in his Beverly Hills home. The machine is called the CVTeeny and offers chocolate, vanilla as well as a swirl flavor. Before manufacturing machines, CVG Soft Serve was and still is an ice cream truck that can be found all over Los Angeles. Read more for another picture and additional information.

Japan Local Ramen Selection Vending Machine Michelin
Ramen shops can be found all over Japan, and a few of them are of such high quality that they earned Michelin stars. For those who prefer to enjoy a bowl in the comfort of their own home can now buy a frozen kit from the “Local Ramen Selection” vending machine installed in Toyama City’s Aris Shopping Center. Put simply, it features six types of ramen made by regional restaurants all over the country. Read more for a video to show how the machine works.

Northrop Grumman Cygnus Pizza International Space Station NASA
Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus cargo spacecraft launched from Virginia’s eastern shore Tuesday, and when it reached the International Space Station on Thursday, there was quite a few delicious treats for the astronauts. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, there was a pizza kit, along with a variety of cheeses for the seven station astronauts. On the technical side of things, it also transported a mounting bracket for solar wings, an infrared-detecting device, and experiment materials. Read more for the video and additional information.