Game Art


Despite all the complaints, Diablo III “subsequently set the new all-time record for fastest-selling PC game by selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release.” These fans decided to pay tribute by dressing up as some of their favorite characters and in stunning fashion. Continue reading to see more.

Solar Cap

The LED Solar Cap from ThinkGeek “features a solar panel in the brim — at night push a button and two bright LED spotlights power-up to illuminate anything in your field of vision.” Click here for first picture in gallery.

The integrated electronics, solar panel and switch are completely sealed for use in any weather. 2 hours of charging in full sunlight can light the hat at night for 2 to 18 hours depending on the brightness setting.

[via ThinkGeek]

Microwaved Game Boy Advance

You’d think that microwaving a Game Boy Advance for the sake of experimentation would destroy the console, but that’s not the case here. Continue reading for a video.

(Thanks, Brenda)