Get a Mac


Apple has just released 3 new “Get a Mac” ads titled: Customer Care, Elimination, and PC Choice Chat. Yes, the topics of customer care, viruses, and switching to Mac are all present in these spots. Continue reading to watch.

Apple has just unleashed four new Get a Mac ads, in response to Microsoft’s recent Laptop Hunter campaign, and they are: Time Traveler, Legal Copy, Stacks, and Bioharzard Suit. Videos after the break.

Apple has obviously decided to respond to Microsoft’s “un-commercials” with the tried and true “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” formula, and why the heck not, really.

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Apple has just released two new holiday-themed Get a Mac ads, titled “I Can Do Anything” and “Tree Trimming” — both are animated. Continue reading to watch.

In the I Can Do Anything ad, PC shows off what he can do because he is animated. He then talks to a rabbit who is on its way to the Apple Store.

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Apple’s latest Get a Mac comercial, titled “Bake Sale”, has PC explaning “that Microsoft’s marketing guys are spending all the money on advertising Vista instead of actually fixing Vista, so he’s holding a bake sale with rather pricey cupcakes.” Video after the break.

Mac asks why, and PC goes on to explain that the marketing team decided to run an “expensive ad campaign instead of fixing Vista.” Mac then offers to help out by buying a cupcake … a 10 million dollar cupcake.

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