Google Earth


Google Maps has just gotten a helicopter view. Simply “type in a route you want to see, and then look for the 3D Play button that should pop up next to ‘Driving Direction to _______’.” Click here to see more strange Google Earth sightings. Continue reading for two video demonstrations.

You can follow your little dot as it speeds along your route, whipping past 3D buildings (if they are available in your area).

[via GizmodoRodsBot]

Does paradise exist on earth? Regardless of the answer, there are a few places that are definitely prime candidates, like this tiny private island spotted on Google Earth. That is just one of the many sightings we have for you this week, courtesy of Rodsbot.com. Click here to see more. Continue reading to see another amazing private island.

Before you get too excited, these UFO sightings were just anomalies spotted on Google Earth. They range from the strange disc-shaped object above — most likely a home or silo — to tiny balls of light hovering over a body of water. Click here for the first picture in gallery. Continue reading to see special effects guru Freddie Wong’s take on a UFO sighting.

[via Rodsbot]