SPRXmobile claims that its Layar software is the world’s first mobile augmented reality browser. Basically, “a radar view applies a visual information layer on top of the camera display as you pan around your environment.” Video after the break.

Content partnerships including a local bank, social networking site, and a realty company allows Layar to identify houses for sale, nearby ATMs, and local clubs and bars all laid out visually on your cellphone’s display.

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Game Dome

The jDome made its first public appearance at the Swedish Game Awards, and players seemed to enjoy the technology. Just to recap, this device “can alter the Field of View (FOV) in a game with a few simple commands – ergo the software “installed base” is enormous.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Just put a jDome in front of a projector, mirror the image in the projector, start your game and change the Field of View in it – it is actually as simple as that.

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Multi Touch Screen

The N-trig DuoSense multi touch screen setup basically “consists of a single device – integrating both digitizer and controller into one thin and lightweight unit.” Video after the break.

This one adds pen input capabilities to the usual array of multi-touch features, as well as the somewhat unique ability for multiple people to use the display simultaneously, which N-trig says makes the system ideal for gaming applications.

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Interactive Window

Salling, a large department store situated in Arhus, Denmark, has installed an interactive window that “that makes sections of the glass transparent or not based on where the person is standing.” Video after the break.

Sure, the idea of having to walk up to a window and wave your arms around to reveal what’s behind it might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but at least it’ll give the loiterers something to do.

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This LED cube, consisting of a 16 x 16 x 16 grid of interconnected color LEDs, is “capable of displaying animations at up to 30 frames per second and each dot can be individually addressed for both color and intensity.” Video after the break.

Now that the prototype is complete, Seekway is gearing up to produce versions with grids as large as 48�48×48, which will require more than 110,000 LEDs

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“Sensisphere” is essentially a “multi-touch display that takes the shape of half a sphere sticking out of the wall.” Video after the break.

Users can navigate with three dimensional hand gestures and only the selection of the shown content is done by touching the screen. The Sensisphere can be seen replacing familiar interfaces such as the mouse and keyboards whenever suitable

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