iPad Touch


At first glance, it may appear as if this iPad has received an actual keyboard upgrade, but it’s really just the iKeyboard accessory. This accessory is essentially “a thin and lightweight overlay that clips to the screen of the iPad; the overlay has little windows cut out that fit right over the virtual keys on the on screen keyboard of the iPad.” Kickstarter page. Video after the break. Click here for the first picture in gallery.

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Ok, so it’s not exactly a real stereoscopic iPad 2 screen, but “France’s Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research Group have been able to deliver real-time glasses-free 3-D using some clever head-tracking software.” Video after the break.

The system is named ‘Head-Coupled Perspective’ and works by following your head movements to provide a 3-D image that extends into the screen rather than towards your face, somewhat like looking through a window.

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Whether or not you’re an Apple fan, seeing an iPad 2 get blended by Tom Dickson in a Blendtec blender is a sight to behold. Can this be the one gadget that comes out in one piece, or does it suffer the same fate that all the other gadgets of the past? Continue reading to find out.

If Apple made a multi-touch Tablet computer, this is what it might look like. From the pictures, it looks to sport a detachable / slide-out keypad. Click here for one more picture.

Aesthetically, Factory Joe’s “iPad Touch” tablet mockup doesn’t wholly differ from the pretty slick one our own Jesus Diaz conjured with his magic Photoshop fingers, but it does ratchet up the iPhone design elements

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