iPod Nano


It was only a matter of time before an Apple fanatic came up with the iPod Nano Touch, and this design is definitely no slouch. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, a Facetime-enabled camera, and all the classic apps you’ve come to love. Continue reading for one more picture.

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According to sources, the device you see above is a prototype of Apple’s next-generation iPod Nano. It features a 1.3-megapixel camera while “retaining its clip-on design.” This was made possible thanks to “a metal housing for a camera assembly protruding from the back of the main case and sitting flush with a hole in the device’s clip.” Continue reading for more pictures.

The design would allow Apple to squeeze a camera into the current diminutive form factor of the iPod nano by moving much of the lens and sensor hardware outside of the main casing but still within the overall device envelope by utilizing a small portion of the gap between the device and the clip.

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Apple’s updated iPod Nano now features “new clock faces include a range of designs, including one mimicking an analog Mickey Mouse watch to classic digital and Roman numeral designs.” Expect to shell out $129 8GB / $149 16GB. Click here to see more iPod Nano watch bands. Continue reading for the news report.

Nike+ compatibility for tracking walks and runs no longer requires a dongle that was part of an accessory kit sold separately. The updated nano is now capable of tracking distance traveled, pace, time and more out of the box.

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Whether it be the iWatch or LunaTik, there are plenty of Apple iPod Nano watch accessories on the market right now, but are they really worth the money? These reviews should answer that question. Continue reading to see them all.

Sure, the new iPod Nano may not come with an iWatch wristband from the factory, but is it worth the money? PC Mag says: “Apple’s first misstep in the iPod nano line-up, the sixth-generation model trades its predecessor’s click wheel for touch-screen controls.” Video review after the break. Click here for more pictures.

But an ultracompact form factor means the display is much smaller. Plus you lose video capture and playback capability, but it retains the same price.

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