Boba Fett Mixer

There are KitchenAid Mixers, and then this custom Star Wars creation. However, you won’t see this on shelves anytime soon, as it was made by an internet user who goes by the name “Tommyfilth”. Basically, he asked his wife to pick up a broken KitchenAid mixer on eBay for Christmas, since he wanted to refurbish it himself. Once taken apart, inspiration hit as to how to approach a new paint job for the machine, and this was the result. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich Maker lets you ditch fast food, and easily make your own at home, all for $19 after rebate, originally $29.99. Simply place the ingredients inside, build the base of your sandwich in the bottom layer, place the egg on the cooking plate and close the lid. Slide the cooking plate out and your sandwich assembles itself. Product page – be sure to download the rebate form here. Continue reading for a full video review and more information.

Spiral Wine Cellar Under Floor

Always wondered what James Bond’s wine cellar looks like? If so, then look no further than these Spiral Wine Cellars. This storage solution can be installed just about anywhere, homes and restaurants included. Each one is a concrete constructed, watertight cylindrical system that comes equipped with a trapdoor at the top for easy access. The system uses a special ventilation system to store your wine – up to 1,870 bottles – at optimum temperature, humidity and darkness. Continue reading for two more videos and pictures.

Popinator Popcorn Machine

Throwing popcorn into the air and catching it with your mouth is nothing special, but now there’s a machine that will do that for you, or at least the tossing part. Utilizing binaural microphones, the Popinator machine activates when it hears the word “pop”, estimates your mouth’s position, and then fires a single kernel in that direction, letting those skilled enough to catch it with their mouth. Continue reading for more cool kitchen gadgets for lazy geeks.

Monopoly Kitchen Table

Photo credit: Toastneggs / Imgur

An internet user who goes by “ToastnEggs” online, decided to transform his kitchen table into something that could not only be used for meals, but as a functional Monopoly board as well. So, countless hours were spent measuring, planning, wood-burning the board and applying varnish. After a week of work, the table was finally complete, and the resulting table is impressive to say the least. Continue reading to see the build process from start to finish.

Pistol Coffee Maker

You can either opt for a high-end coffee machine, or this cleverly designed gadget. The Noir Coffee Maker and Espresso Cups were designed to look like a pistol and six bullets. Sporting an aluminum body, the pistol coffee maker features a secure grip and soft-touch handle, complete with a silicone gasket for durability. The metal-plated porcelain espresso cups may not be microwave-safe, but they most certainly are conversation starters. Continue reading for more.

Laser Engraved Rolling Pins

Why make standard cookies, when you can use these laser-engraved rolling pins to bake some with groovy designs. Created by Valek Rolling Pins, these 16.5″ beech pins can be laser cut with any pattern or text you wanna see on your baked goods. That’s right, each and every one of these pins are made to order to ensure quality. Continue reading for more cool kitchen gadgets you might want, but probably don’t need.

Power Glove Oven Mitt

The Power Glove is basically a controller accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System, for anyone who has never heard of it. Though it was an officially licensed product, Nintendo was not involved in the design or release of this accessory. Rather, it was designed by Grant Goddard and Samuel Cooper Davis for Abrams/Gentile Entertainment (AGE), made by Mattel in the United States and PAX in Japan. Now, an oven mitt version exists, molded from heat-resistant silicone rubber and it’s one-size-fits most to boot. Click here to view the first image in this week’s geek life gallery. Continue reading for a viral video GTA V in real-life