Messenger Kit


Gamespot recently got their hands on the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit, and gives us their first impressions:

…snaps on with a satisfying click…The keys provide adequate, clicky feedback and are spaced well enough for fast typing…the pad also has a messenger button that can open up the messaging window onscreen…It doesn’t work with PC users with USB controller (yet at least)…solid product…

[via Gizmodo]

Photo Photo Photo

Microsoft has just announced the availability and price for its upcoming Chatpad accessory. At $29.99, the two-piece Xbox 360 Messenger Kit will include the Chatpad and a headset, with a September 4th launch. For those who missed the video, check it out after the jump.

The two-piece bundle will run users a modest $29.99, which isn’t appalling, but it is a tad unfair that a standalone unit (apparently) won’t be offered at a lower price point for those who wish to sidestep the headset

[via Engadget]