Sure, Metroid: Encounter at Ceres Colony may be a bit on the amateur side, but who can complain when a group of gamers only spend $200 making it – though most of the funds may have went towards the Samus suit. To be more specific, a group of 6 friends used a Sony Alpha SLTA55V DSLR to film this. Continue reading for the video and more information.

Based on the MUGEN fighting game engine, Card Saga: Wars allows fans of Halo and/or Metroid to enjoy a friendly battle, comlete with 16-bit graphics. If you don’t already know, “MUGEN is a free 2D fighting game engine that lets users create whatever kind of fighting game they want.” Video after the break.

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If the Mario and Metroid worlds collided, this is what the video game would look like. Continue reading to watch.

Ever wonder what it’d be like if Mario and Metroid got together, exchanged knocked boots, spawned offspring and they grew up to be 80s side-scrollers, just like ma & pa?

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This incredible Metroid-inspired arcade machine is powered by an AMD 64X2 4800 CPU, 2GB of memory, EVGA 7800GTX graphics, a Soundblaster eXremeMusic card, Logitech R-20 w/ subwoofer, and a 17-inch Samsung LCD display. Video after the break.

Mother Brain made of Super Sculpey clay. DVI-Out and Optical-Out on the back for external screen/sound system. One power cord (one still image shows a few cords but they aren’t attached to the machine) out the back which is a Bits Limited Smartstrip. When PC turns on, everything (cathodes, controls, sound, LCD) powers on at once

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Set for a August 27th launch, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption could be the year’s most anticipated Wii title, receiving praise from gamers and critics alike. Continue reading for an in-depth preview. First picture in gallery.

Saving the planets from Corruption isn’t enough, though. Eventually, players must take down Samus’ mortal enemy, Dark Samus. Besides using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to pull off amazing feats like aiming and blasting in midair or at a full run, players also will have an array of different weapons at their disposal