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At first glance, it may look like a regular Wiimote, but plug in some headphones, and it’s a fully-functional MP3 player. Though it may be an MP3 player stuffed inside the Wiimote, it’s still a conversation piece nonetheless. Continue reading for one more picture.

It’s a pretty cool idea, this notion of turning a Wii remote into a music player, but modder goteking took this to all sorts of crazy new places.

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Amazon has the Latte iVu for just $99.99 shipped, originally priced at $169.00. Boasting “a built-in camera and FM transmitter, along with a brilliant 3-inch widescreen display, extensive format support and more, the Latte iVu 8 GB portable media player offers quite a view indeed.” Product page.

Use the iVu’s built-in microphone for voice recordings on the fly–save that lecture, memo, or meeting for later. Better yet, film video clips with the camera.

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Amazon has the Archos 105 for just $30.40 shipped, originally priced at $89.99. This gadget “comes packed with 2 GB of on-board storage and a sharp 1.8-inch color screen.” Product page.

Other great features include an advanced Li-Ion battery for up to 18 hours of continuous music playback, and high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity for ultra-fast file transfers. The player will begin to charge any time its USB cable is connected to a computer.

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Amazon is selling the Visual Land V-Touch for just $64.99 shipped, originally priced at $249.99. Featuring a “2.8-inch color TFT touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, FM radio, voice recorder, and e-book reader.” Product page.

It also works as a webcam when connected to a computer through the USB port. The V-Touch has a miniSD card slot (up to 4 GB) should you wish to expand your storage space.

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Now that you’ve seen the new iPod Shuffle and/or pre-ordered it, we’ve got the guided tour for your viewing enjoyment. Apple touts this player as the world’s smallest — “controls of the new iPod shuffle are located on the right earbud cord. With command central now strategically placed in this more convenient location, you can navigate your music.” Video after the break.

Sent in by Paul Cooper of Tokyo Flash, this nifty MP3 player features a brushed stainless steel case and doubles as a credit, in addition to being a wearable necklace of sorts. That’s not all, you’ll also find an OLED display, 3.5mm headphone jack, and touch sensitive buttons. Continue reading for one more picture.

Inspired by a popular cartoon character in Korea, the Mashimaro MP3 player can store up to 9-hours of audio in a variety of formats, including: MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, WAV and APE. Click here for first picture in gallery.

As a sort of dirty mouthed, toilet humor version of Hello Kitty, Mashimaro takes a spot as one of the iconic cartoon figures in Korea.

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Available in 45, 60, or 90-minute storage capacities, this cassette tape-inspired MP3 player requires “the user to manually rotate the spools with a finger or pencil to select songs. Rotating the second spool charges the kinetic battery.” Click here for first picture in gallery.

Deceptive looks aside, the player continues to follow the 45/60/90 minutes norm, holding 10/15/20 select songs in digital format; uploaded via USB.

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Priced at $99, this transformable Soundwave MP3 player “skips the CD-Rom generation and leaps right into SD Memory — play for approximately 6 hours on a single AAA battery.” Video review after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

In the Transformers animation series, the robot known as Soundwave was a high-level Decepticon who specialized in communications. To bolster his abilities, Soundwave was able to transform from a boxy robot to a cassette deck.

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