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Sure, knockoffs try to make their systems look exactly like their authentic counterpart, but sometimes, their naming scheme can be quite strange, literally. The NE Double Games (above) is one game console you don’t want to mistake for a Nintendo DS. That’s just one of the many funny translation we have for you today, courtesy of EngrishFunny.com. Click here to see more. Continue reading for a video review of the NE Double Games.

Set for release on November 13th, is Nintendo’s long-awaited Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. This game “might best be described as a hybrid of New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy; while you have freedom to move around in 3-D space, the levels are laid out in a linear fashion and you often view the action from the side.” Product page. Videos after the break. Click here to see more.

While some levels take a more non-linear approach and play with the camera angles, this happens gradually as you play through the game; clearly, Nintendo is trying to ease the casual players into the more complicated gameplay styles.

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Believe it or not, the Nintendo 3DS costs just $100 in parts to build — not including labor, marketing, and R&D — according to iSuppli. Of that $100, the display accounts for $38.80, processor $10, and an $8.36 memory subsystem. Product page. In related news, continue reading for a video review of Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition.

Other parts of the rig include the user interface with a gyroscope costing $6.81, $5.00 for a WLAN system, $4.70 for the cameras, and about $3.50 for the battery system.

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The Nintendo DS may be on its way out, or at least once the 3DS is released, but there have been numerous case mods produced over the years. We’ve rounded up eighteen of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. Click here for the first picture in the gallery. Continue reading to watch a video of someone replacing their DS case.

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Though gamers will have to wait nearly a year (March 2011) for the Nintendo 3DS, it’s never too early for creating your own geeky concepts. The Nintendo 3DS XL can definitely wait, if it even looks remotely like the image above. Click here for first picture in gallery.

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Available in a variety of colors, the Nintendo 3DS is set to revolutionize portable gaming. In addition to a nifty 2D/3D slider (allows you to adjust the 3D depth), there’s also an extra analog knob. Videos after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Just as Nintendo changed the industry with the imperfect but watershed Wiimote, they’ve undeniably done the same with the 3DS.

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After months of waiting and dozens of fan-made concepts later, the Nintendo 3DS was officially revealed at the 2010 E3 Expo today. One attendee who got to experience this console says: “The hype is correct: 3D. No glasses. The images do not just fall back into the screen as some people thought. They come out at you. IN 3D! WITH NO GLASSES! It is absolutely surreal.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The new analog slider on the left feels a lot like the PSP’s analog nub, but larger and without the texture. It’s a bit easier on the fingers, and comfortable. Overall the device feels just like a current DS or DSi.

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