Optimus Keyboard


According to Jason Chen, the shortcut keys on the Optimus Maximus Keyboard “can even support GIFs or MOVs.” One drawback: “the individual keys are loud and clacky.” Click here for first picture in gallery. Here’s the bottom line:

However, if you’re in production or art and really need this for your work, you can go ahead and grab it now. $1500 is easily expensable, and if it helps your productivity by even a small percent, it’s totally worth it

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If Art Lebedev decided to produce a laptop, its keypad might resemble the concept you see above, complete with mini LCD screens. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Truth be told, the bona fide Optimus Maximus keyboard is still quite a few bills higher than most folks are willing to pay, which makes the likelihood of a similar layout hitting laptops anytime soon that much slimmer

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Finally, Art Lebedev has released the Optimus Maximus keyboard. Early adopters report that the OLED keys are bright, it has a sturdy build, but on the downside, typing is a hassle. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Okay, why does typing on the Optimus suck, you ask? Well, although the keyboard uses mechanical switches and a lot of high quality components (evident when we pulled off some keys), and there is some clicky tactility to keypresses, as a whole it just requires way too much force to depress keys

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Finally, a real Optimus Maximus Keyboard has popped up on eBay — current bid is $1825. Auction page. Click here for one more picture.

You are bidding on one brand new incredibly rare (some consider it vaporware) Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus Keyboard. I will include free delivery via FedEx so that you can impress your friends before you start to suffer from buyers remorse. Unboxed for the photos only, never used

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Finally, Art Lebedev has revealed the Optimus Maximus to crowds at Wired’s NYC store. Pricing has been set at $1564.37. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

We’ve gotta say we’re pretty impressed, the build seems as solid as a rock, the screens are crazy bright and all the glossy keys catch the light just right. We could even say that we’re glad they took the time to get everything right, but it has been a painful decade, so we’ll see

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Yes, Art Lebedev is still planning to release the Optimus Maximus keyboard. The two samples shown in the video will be displayed at Wired’s New York store later this month. Video after the break.

At times it may seem like the Optimus Maximus Keyboard is some sort of mythical creature that is only seen in photographs, but this video illustrating layout changes proves that it does exist, somewhere

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