When is Pac-Man, not just Pac-Man? When a geeky musician turns the yellow chomper into a full-sized guitar. That is just one of the many wins that HackedIRL has compiled to help get you through this dreaded Monday. Click here to see them all. Continue reading for a few videos.

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If the Pac-Man game existed in real-life scenarios, you might just fight the chomper munching on some crosswalk lines. That is just one of the many pictures that have gone viral this past week, according to Imgur. Click here for the first picture in gallery. Continue reading for a few videos.

A Chinese ad agency hired a group of stunt drivers to play a live-action Pac-Man game using Chevrolet Cruze vehicles, and the resulting commercial is nothing short of geeky. Continue reading to watch.

A large room serves as the stage for a full-size representation of the Pac-Man universe. A white Chevy Cruze plays the part of Mr. Pac-Man while a series of Black Cruzes represent the ghosts.

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Yes, the nano Pac-Man you see above is real and measures just 3.5 microns-wide. In technical speak, nano Pac-Man was created with a” scanning electron microscope image of a copper oxide cluster, 3.5 microns in diameter, prepared by evaporation and condensation over an alumina substrate.” This would fit nicely next to the world’s smallest USS Enterprise. Click here to view more nano artwork.

The smiley nose and eye are present in the original SEM image, which has only been color-enhanced.

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