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Dirtiest PS3

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Does your PlayStation 3 refuse to play any discs? Well, you might want to take a look under its casing. Imgur user “blowmeawayyouniverse” noticed that their console sounded like a “jet engine”, so they did just that, and discovered an insane amount of dust. While there may be computer systems far filthier than this one, a game console that still turns on while looking like, is definitely a miracle. Continue reading for more pictures.

You’ve probably heard of the Sony contests in which the company gives away a custom PS3 console, but here’s one thing you may not have known: they’re made by an artist named Javier Riquelm. They come in several varieties, including Metal Gear Rising, Borderlands, and more. Continue reading to see them all.

Sony’s PS3 320GB PS+ Instant Game Collection Bundle is currently being offered at only $249.99 shipped, today only, originally priced at $299.99. The 320GB PS3 doubles as a Blu-ray player for your HD movie collection, delivering pristine picture quality at 1080p. Product page. Continue reading for a Super Slim PS3 unboxing video.

Notable features:

  • LittleBigPlanet 2, inFAMOUS 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One as part of the Instant Game Collection included with your 1 Year PS Plus Membership.
  • 320GB HDD for storing games, music, videos, and photos.
  • Built-in Blu-ray player with 3D capabilities. HDMI output for 1080p resolution.
  • Stream thousands of your favorite high-definition movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus.
  • Includes a one year PlayStation Plus subscription delivering your Instant Game Collection.

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Kotaku reports that Modern Warfare 3 “opens moments after the cliffhanger ending of Modern Warfare 2 with the U.S. struggling to stave off a surprise Russian attack.” The single-player campaign will have players traveling around the world as a “Russian Federal Protective Services agent, SAS Operative, tank gunner, and AC-130 gunner.” Click here for the first picture in gallery.

Reports of the multiplayer mention 20 maps (although it’s unclear how many of these are planned as DLC) and several different game modes.

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Yesterday, we brought you the news that PSN was returning later this week, and today, Sony announced another batch of freebies for new / current subscribers. In addition to identity theft protection, you’ll get “free downloads, 30 days of free membership in the PlayStation Plus premium subscription service; 30 days of free service for Music Unlimited subscribers; and extending PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited subscriptions for the number of days services were unavailable.” Here’s what Sony plans to do to prevent future attacks:

We are taking a number of steps to prevent future breaches, including enhanced levels of data protection and encryption; enhanced ability to detect software intrusions, unauthorized access and unusual activity patterns; additional firewalls; establishment of a new data center in an undisclosed location with increased security; and the naming of a new Chief Information Security Officer.

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Sony announced that when their PSN service goes back up this week, users will recieve “30 days free membership to PlayStation Plus for new and current PS Plus subscribers and 30 days free service to Qriocity subscribers.” It is speculated that PSN will go live first in Japan. Continue reading for a news report.

The restoration of the network will be implemented in phases between regions, so it won’t all be back up at once and it was specified which regions will be getting the service back first.

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The US Air Force’s Condor Project is a supercomputer unlike any other, in that it consists of 1,716 networked PlayStation 3 consoles. It “was created for the Air Force for its image processing tasks; it’s considered one of the top forty fastest computers in the world, despite its video game brains.” Click here for more pictures.

The Condor is supposed to help process all of the Air Force’s recent aerial photos. Snapping up the photos via satellites isn’t a problem. It’s finding something useful in them.

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Developer Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to give fans a first look at Uncharted 3 gameplay. This game is set for release on November 1, 2011. Video after the break. Click here for more screenshots.

Uncharted 3’s release next year adds to Sony’s impressive list of first-party titles coming in 2011, which now includes Resistance 3, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Twisted Metal, and InFamous 2.

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Insomniac Games and Sony announced last night at the 2010 Video Game Awards that Resistance 3 will hit store shelves on September 6, 2011. In this game, “players will take control of Joseph Capelli, who was discharged from the service after the events of Resistance 2.” Video after the break. Click here for more screenshots.

Resistance 3 will be coming out on September 6, 2011 — nearly three years after the release of Resistance 2. Its predecessor debuted with solid reviews, but fans thought differently.

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