iRiver Player

The SPINN is the newest iRiver player, and it’s definitely no slouch. Sporting a 3.3-inch AMOLED display, 4GB or 8GB of built-in storage, a microSD card slot, “T-DMB TV, Bluetooth, and new analog SPINN Wheel we’ve seen kicking around since CES.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Gotta say, the navigation looks extremely impressive causing our want factor to burrow a bit deeper down into our wallets.

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iRiver PMP

Lplayer, the latest iRiver PMP, features a 2-inch QVGA display, 4GB or 8GB of internal memory, a built-in FM tuner, and support for a host of audio/video formats, including MPEG, WMV9, and XVID. Available June 24th. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Sound is decent enough with the included headphones, but plugged into our regular home stereo setup the player pushed out very little low end. FM worked fine, as did voice recording, but there aren’t many other frills here.

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At $169, the solar-powered MediaStreet eMotion PMP sports a 3-inch display, 2GB of internal memory, video support, preinstalled emulators (NES / SEGA Genesis), audio playback capabilities, photo viewer, SD card slot, and an integrated speaker. Click here for first picture in gallery. Here’s the bottom line:

You’re absolutely getting what you pay for with this relatively cheap PMP, but since it’s got features you won’t find on mainstream players (for legal reasons and otherwise), it is a decent buy. Besides, if you have sunlight, you won’t have to worry about a charger

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Slightly larger than the iPod Touch/iPhone, Sony’s PMX-M70 is a 4.3-inch portable media player that boasts “8GB of storage and a touch screen.” Unfortunately, it’s only available in China. Video preview after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The orange-and-black unit managed to play back most video files on its 4.3-inch screen, including DivX and H.264 vids

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Unlike other devices, Thomson’s Portable Media Player (PMP) sports a widescreen subsurface OLED display rather than touchscreen to keep things simple. Plus, there’s also a “simple dropped bevel around the bezel to wind your headphones in.” Click here for one more picture.

Designers Mathieu Pesme and Jeff Castel embrace other ‘concepty’ technologies without drowning us in all the high tech hoopla-hype

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Pasen unveils the ShakeIT, which boasts a 2.8-inch QVGA screen, 2GB of internal memory, and support for nearly all music/video codecs. Video after the break.

The hook here, of course, is the player’s ability to shuffle through pictures, menu items, or songs by being shaken one way or another — a feature likely to get a number of these thrown across a room. On the plus side, this player will apparently be the first to use Microsoft’s PlayFX suite, which does 3D headphone effects and volume normalizing

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The France exclusive Archos 704 TV boasts a 7-inch touchscreen display, 80GB HDD, two TNT tuners, built-in stereo speakers, and up to 5-hours of continuous video playback. Video after the jump.

Sure to please folks in France the most are the two TNT tuners integrated into the cover of the device, which will let ’em pick up digital TV signals from the T�l�vision Num�rique Terrestre service — France’s equivalent to Freeview. Unfortunately, that seems to have come at the expense of integrated WiFi, which has apparently been dropped from the device

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Le Journal du Geek recently got some hands-on time with the new Archos 605 ($230 [4GB] – $400 [160GB]) and 405 ($170) PMPs, and we’ve got the footage for you after the break.

They look sweet and quite small for their features, but from here the interface looks like the usual too-complex-for-my-taste Archos stuff. Whatever, I like the track

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