The recommended minimum PC specifications for Crysis are a 2.8 GHz (XP) or 3.2 GHz (Vista) processor, 1GB (XP) / 1.5GB (Vista) of memory, 256MB video card, and a 12GB hard drive. Now see how the game looks in Direct X9 (low | med | high) and Direct X10. Continue reading for a poll.

..beta includes an Extreme option that is greyed out as no commercially available hardware can produce the settings at a satisfactory frame rate

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We hinted at rumors of an upgraded iPhone in this post from earlier today, but now a reader pointed us to this T-Mobile advertisement, confirming the new model. Continue reading for a poll.

The advertisement goes onto to stipulate possible download speeds of 3.6Mbps and a $687 price tag. The purchase of the phone would also come with an iTunes voucher, various call plans will be on offer, but unlimited data plans will apparently make their way into Germany. The call plans will range from $69-$96/month, with more inclusive minutes and text messages being the reason for the price gap

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Aside from the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic news yesterday, Apple also announced a $200 price drop for the 8GB iPhone, to $399. Nokia decided to jump on the opportunity, with some Google Adwords fun. Poll after the jump.

..[Nokia] wasted no time after yesterday’s announcement in taking out Google ads encouraging disheartened, empty-walleted iPhone owners to check out its new MOSH service — a collaborative mobile media site run by the phone giant — to “salvage” their devices

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So you’ve seen the iPod Nano, now check out Gizmodo’s iPod Touch mockup, which will apparently resemble the iPhone, a slightly thicker version of it. Continue reading for a poll.

Here’s the mock-up of the next generation iPod Touch. And when we said touch, we mean touch: the home button doesn’t have to be pressed, it could be electrostaticmagickalifragilistic and glow

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