PSP Slim


If you wanted to see just how Sony’s new PSP Slim compares — size wise — to the PSP, then check out this video.

Prepare to be blown away by the lack of any real aesthetic differences! But hey, it’s what inside that counts, right?

[via Gizmodo]

T3 provides us with a hands-on look at the just announced PSP Slim. Video after the break.

OK, it�s 5mm thinner and 3mm shorter than the original, with a similar build, but it�s still a touch too big to fit in your pocket…infrared port�s gone � there�s a switch on the top to activate Wi-Fi � and the UMD door now flaps open. Game commands stay the same, with the same L and R buttons, D-pad and four control keys.

[via T3]

Sony unveiled its updated PSP Slim at E3 2007 today, boasting a slimmer design and a few “tweaks”.

There are no major revisions, but simply a series of tweaks: the Wi-Fi switch has been moved to the portable’s top and the speakers are above the buttons and the D-pad.

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