This is what happens when giant cell phones start falling from the sky. Fortunately, the RAZR 2 only landed on a parked Mercedes. Click here for another picture.

They sure do look beautiful flying in formation during their annual migration, but when one of Illinois’s rare Aves Razeruses crashes and burns on a busy Moscow street corner, well, it’s never a pretty sight

[via engadget]

Our friends over at PhoneScoop provide us with an in-depth preview of the Motorola RAZR 2-series. Continue reading to watch.

The RAZR2 is still just a RAZR. Yes, it has a slightly sexier body and a new external display with fancy touch sensitive areas, but little else has changed. Unfortunately, the touch sensitive screen is under-used, even on the V9m. For the most part it is little more than slightly fancier music controls and the V9m simply adds on a launcher.

[via PhoneScoop]