Samsung Serenata


Remember the Samsung Serenata? Well, T3 was fortunate enough to get some hands-on time with it, and provides us with a short clip. Video after the break.

..the wheel, which we’re told by B&O was their invention way back in 1996, is so much more than a tool for flicking through music. It does everything. There’s no buttons for dialling here, just an old school number wheel on screen which is, needless to say, tricky to master

Bang & Olufsen and Samsung have partnered to release the Serenata, a sleek music phone that comes with 4GB Flash memory, an integrated speaker, and LCD-TFT display. No word yet on pricing and availability. Click here for another picture.

The phone also sports an iPod-esque touch ring for control and a dock for charging and syncing it up with your computer. There’s no pricing available yet for the 3G phone, but it won’t be cheap

[via Gizmodo]