That’s right, “the mad developers at FatWallet have a little fun skiing around the office behind a segway with a driver you might recognize.” Video after the break.

Just attach a cable and go. It needs a homemade hoverboard for maximum speed and broken bones, but hopefully that will come soon.

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Believe it or not, this chimp “impressively managed not to seriously injure himself [while riding a Segway], but he did have a few close calls.” Video after the break.

On last night’s episode of Shimura Zoo, he celebrated his 7th birthday by taking a ride on a Segway personal transporter.

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It may be the coolest Segway yet, but the RMP is currently just a concept. This vehicle features “bizarre wheels [that] allow it to smoothly move in any direction.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

I actually want this Segway, it’s like a mini-tank version for cyber-gladiators to parade out to the arena on, with knobby knuckle wheels that look like they’re ripped off the Iron Monger

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If you’ve always wondered how Segway’s were manufactured, then check out this interesting “How it’s Made” segment. Video after the break.

Users lean forward to go forward, lean back to go backward, and turn by using a “Lean Steer” Handlebar, leaning it left or right. Segway PTs are driven by electric motors at up to 5.6 m/s (12.5 mph/20 km/h). Gyroscopic sensors, are used to detect tilting of the device which indicates a departure from perfect balance. Motors driving the wheels are commanded as needed to bring the PT back into balance

A group of MIT students have built a mini Segway-like vehicle, using less than $1000. Video after the break.

It may look like one of those golf caddies on wheels but it works and it’s cheap: check the video comparing the original Segway with its sub-$1,000 imitator

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Before Segway, there was the Segway Beta, which is basically something you could’ve picked up at a hardware store. Product page.

Every idea has to start somewhere. The corn dog, for example, didn’t just happen, it evolved. With that in mind we present this best guess as to what v1.0 of everyone’s favorite urban assault vehicle may have looked like