Freestyle Slalom Skateboard

No, this isn’t a variation on the hoverboard, but rather the slalom skateboard, which is propelled by a side-to-side skiing-like movement. Riders simply have to push off the ground, place their feet on either side of the back wheel, and lean side-to-side to propel the scooter forward. To stop, simply hold on to the built-in handle, and place a foot on the ground, similar to stopping a skateboard. Continue reading for a side profile image and more information.

The Photon Skateboard comes equipped with 29-54 embedded LEDs, which makes it great for late night skate sessions. Available now, priced from $110. Video after the break.

The boards are fabricated out of Canadian 7-ply hard-rock maple, and include grip tape and a thin lithium ion rechargeable batter mounted under a protective plate on the bottom of the board

[via Technabob]

Danny Way of DC Shoes takes on a massive ramp/halfpipe on his skateboard. Does he make it? Find out after the break.

He rode for Powell Peralta in the late 1980s. He was featured, with Chet Thomas, in very short segment in the Powell video “Public Domain.” Soon after Way left Powell to ride for H-Street, a then little known company. H-Street became a huge success, and Way took vert and mini ramp skating to previously unimagined levels