Starcraft 2


Many StarCraft fans already know the story behind Queen of Blades, but for those who don’t play the game, she originally appeared as “a twenty-six-year-old female Terran psychic, trained as an expert espionage agent and assassin both physically and mentally.” After being captured by Zerg, she is turned into the human/Zerg hybrid you see above. Click here for more pictures of the amazing life-sized statue. Continue reading to watch the music video for The Queen of Blades.

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You read that right, a company is currently building a Blizzard-themed, World of Warcraft and StarCraft theme park called Joyland World. We can only hope that it looks as good as the renders above. Click here to view more concept art. In related news, continue reading to see Joyland’s It’s a Small World knockoff in China.

There are sub-parks that are built around World of Warcraft and Starcraft themes complete with coasters and other attractions, and there will also be a video game museum and electronic gaming sports arena.

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Musician David Choi has released the unofficial StarCraft 2 song, which was written, produced, and performed by the YouTube sensation himself. Like the song says, you know you’re addicted to the game when you’d rather be playing than going to school or work. Continue reading for the video.

Play StarCraft for a living? That’s exactly what professional gamer Lee Yun-Yeol does, and has signed a contract that will net him $690,000USD. Did you know that there are 300 professional StarCraft players, spanning 11 teams throughout various pro leagues in Korea? If not, continue reading for those StarCraft facts and more.

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You read that right, “an easter egg in StarCraft 2 gives you the chance to play The Lost Viking top-down shooter.” While not the most technical of top-down shooters, it’s a fun side game nonetheless. Video after the break.