Team Fortress 2


Ever wonder what a Team Fortress 2 battle would look like in real-life? If so, look no further than TF2: Sentry Sabotage by the special effects wizards at CorridorDigital. Continue reading for the video.

Special effects masters WETA Workshop of District 9 fame have built a life-sized Team Fortress 2 level 1 sentry pod that not only looks cool, but also features motion-tracking and even authentic game sounds. Video after the break.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually fire rounds, but I can dream, can’t I? Hopefully, they’ve got a Level 3 model in the works. I want my guided rockets.

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Team Fortress 2 has been out for approximately 3-years now, but that hasn’t stopped Greg Peltz and Ryan Rasmussen from creating some incredible costumes. They spent countless hours “ensuring the costumes fit their bodies the same way they fit the Soldier and Medic in the game, that their weapons are 100% accurate and even going so far as to get the jutting jaw of the Soldier right.” Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

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Created by YouTube user Steaky186 aka Dylan ‘Steaky’ Loney, this creative mod transforms the game into a sidescroller of sorts, similar to UT2D. Continue reading for a short video demonstration.

He plans on finishing a full version of it and releasing it in the future. I will be definitely watching this one since a side-scrolling Team Fortress 2 sounds mighty fine.

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Team Fortress 2 owners looking for a spooky experience this Halloween can now download the Pumpkin Patch update, which temporarily includes “a King of the Hill map called ‘Harvest’ into the mix, complete with Halloween-themed elements like collectible candy, exploding pumpkins, and the ghost of Zepheniah Mann, who temporarily freezes passersby in a gripping, powerful spell of fear.” Video after the break.

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