Tekken 5


Though still very early in development, Tekken 3D for the Nintendo 3DS looks amazing to say the least, or at least for a handheld console. It’s reported that the actual game will run at 60fps with 3D on. That’s not all, a Wii U version is also in the works, complete with a stage editor and customizable faces. Continue reading to see the 3DS tech demo.

[via Destructoid]

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, players “can take Namco Bandai’s premier fighting game online and compete against the world.” Video after the jump.

Also making the trip over from the arcade are new stages, themselves based off the original Tekken 5 stages, but with climate and time effects as well as new background objects, totalling 19 stages. The PS3 version features full 1080p visuals and the playable debut of boss character Jinpachi. The various modes found in the arcade game, including arcade battle, ghost battle and gallery have been included and updated for the PS3 version