The Real Hustle


The Real Hustle team shows that not all winning scratch cards are as they seem. In this case, the mark realizes that there’s “no free lunch” after having his information stolen. Video after the break.

Sure, 3 Card Monte may not be the newest high-tech scam, but it still manages to swindle unaware players in a blink of the eye. However, the hustlers put a twist on the classic game. Continue reading for the video.

In this The Real Hustle segment, the hustlers borrow a house for the day and rent a car valued at $12000, in which they attempt to sell to multiple persons — let’s just say that rage ensues. Continue reading to watch.

This The Real Hustle segment shows why you should always be suspicious of laptop deals, or any for that matter, that seem too good to be true — you just might get a block of wood. Continue reading to watch.