Yes, that is the very first known selfie, taken in 1839 by an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast from Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius. To capture this image, he set his camera up at the back of the family store in Philadelphia and took the image by removing the lens cap and then running into frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again. On the back he wrote “The first light Picture ever taken. 1839.” Continue reading for more.

File this under: ” Cool Office Gadgets” Wish you could experience the thrill of Mario Kart in the comfort of your own cubicle? Then check out the Giant R/C Mario Kart Racer, which measures over a foot long and features sound effects from the game. Video after the break.

Steer Mario around your home or office with the included Nintendo GameCube style controller. Set-up some banana peels and turtle shells in your living room (not included) for true video game realism

Samsung has just released a strange new advertisement for its YP-K5 player. Just to recap, the YP-K5 features a bright 1.7-inch OLED display, an integrated speaker, FM tuner, touch-sensitive navigation buttons, and USB 2.0 connectivity. Video after the jump.

Directly challenging the iPod, the ad focuses on using built-in speakers to connect people instead of separating them—one of the main complaints of street iPod use

[via Gizmodo]

For those who just can’t get enough of Red Steel, we’ve got a new clip that looks at “the finished game engine and polished graphics.” Video after the jump.

Frankly, we want to give the game the benefit of the doubt because – occasional control issues aside – Red Steel could be the beginning of a great new franchise

[via IGN]